Analyze your points of sale network to optimize your profitability!

Do you find it normal to use Excel and Google Sheets to make and share your analysis? Download our Ultimate Guide.

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Manage your network of physical and online retail stores in real-time.

Dgenious allows you to be present at the most crucial moment for you: when your customers pay!

Do you have multiple checkout systems, webshops, other corner shops and kiosks?
With the dgenious platform, all your data is accessible in real-time and in one place.
Follow and compare sales of your shops on your pc, tablet and smartphone whenever you want, wherever you want and however you want!

With dgenious, using real-time to monitor your data is a breeze!


Collect your data with an incomparable level of precision.

One of the great features of dgenious is the decentralisation of data. You can collect your data directly from the point of sale and use it at a very high level of granularity.

Now you can make better business decisions without investing in complex IT structures.


Intelligently share your customised reports.

With our business platform, easily and automatically share your detailed and customised reports with the right people.

You are no more collecting your data from different sources, working on it in Excel and then manually sending it to everyone in your network. With dgenious, those days are over.

Put your time and energy into actions that will truly bring value to your network of retail outlets!

Your colleagues and staff can focus on analysing the data you've shared with them, but they can also contribute by creating new data.

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Unify systems and databases

Different cash register or inventory systems across the network? The same system but databases located in different places? We reconcile your data in real time.

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Your look & feel

To make every user feel at home, dgenious can be customized to your image.

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Also in self-service mode

With dgenious, you can analyze your data and create your own reports! Easily and with just a few clicks, whenever you need it.

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Provide access to data to all users according to their roles and responsibilities

Our advanced permissions and authentication system ensures dynamic, flexible and highly secure management!

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When and where you need it

At the office, on the train or between 2 appointments, you can access your reports in real time at any time from any device. Dedicated iOS and Android apps are available to provide access and interaction with your data



Retail Pro
LS Retail


Dewi Online
Generix Group
Microsoft Dynamics
Sap Business One



Have you already heard about the Eldora company? Eldora is active in the field of community catering mainly focused on three strategic areas: education, companies, and EMS.  The company offers daily personalized service to its customers in order to perfectly meet their expectations. Eldora, in a few figures: 260 restaurants in Switzerland, 13 million meals served […]

Cécile Mandard

« Significant savings for the company and a gain in productivity for myself and my teams» Cécile Mandard, CFO LPH LPH is a multi-activity group. Present in Guadeloupe and Martinique, we have a wide range of activities: import export, ship supply, duty free shop and distribution on domestic markets, especially tobacco. The issue For our […]

Jean-David Couderc

Internally, we were looking for a powerful and easy-to-use data management tool. A solution that allows the various Färm shops to consult their data quickly and at any time. I had been presented with several BI systems but none met my requirements. Then, finally, I have been seduced by the power of the dgenious solution

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Jeff de Bruges
Class Croute
Chateau Villa
Pharmacie Servais

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