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Have you already heard about the Eldora company? Eldora is active in the field of community catering mainly focused on three strategic areas: education, companies, and EMS.  The company offers daily personalized service to its customers in order to perfectly meet their expectations. Eldora, in a few figures: 260 restaurants in Switzerland, 13 million meals served […]

Cécile Mandard

« Significant savings for the company and a gain in productivity for myself and my teams» Cécile Mandard, CFO LPH LPH is a multi-activity group. Present in Guadeloupe and Martinique, we have a wide range of activities: import export, ship supply, duty free shop and distribution on domestic markets, especially tobacco. The issue For our […]

Jean-David Couderc

Internally, we were looking for a powerful and easy-to-use data management tool. A solution that allows the various Färm shops to consult their data quickly and at any time. I had been presented with several BI systems but none met my requirements. Then, finally, I have been seduced by the power of the dgenious solution


'Dgenious acts as a true revealer of the power and importance of the data we generate! Thanks to real-time access to our data, we can dynamically manage our points of sale and our business."

Cécile Mandart

"dgenious was very quick to implement while we suffered a lot in the ERP implementation. Dgenious not only allowed us to ask ourselves the right questions but also to note set up or input errors on our original ERP!"

Michel Baruzier

"The volume of data and the number of connections managed in real time by dgenious is simply impressive! Thanks to dgenious, we automatically integrate the cash entries into our ERP accounting module. An unimaginable gain in time and efficiency. "

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