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Quick and automated tracking and sharing of marketing campaigns in real time

Quick and automated tracking and sharing of marketing campaigns in real time Before dgenious This chain of beauty products stands out for its extensive marketing, including regular, personalized and varied marketing campaigns. The monitoring of these campaigns requires continuous analysis of data from the ERP and 2 cash register systems. This analysis required a lot […]

Tekoe – Minimize unsold and missed sales

Minimize unsold and missed sales in a chain of tea shops Tekoe is a chain of high quality tea and pastries. The issue Without reliable detailed historical sales data, the shops were ordering too little or too much tea. This is a problem because merchandise not sold on the same day is lost and the […]

Eldora – Add Tcpos data automatically into your erp

Automatically export thousands of entries daily into your ERP accounting module Eldora is an independent catering company that offers a personalized service to its customers in order to meet their expectations. Before dgenious Before working with dgenious, and in order to invoice their 280 restaurants, this company active in the contract catering sector had to […]

Colmar – Motivate your staff to upsell in restaurant chain

The Group Colmar Crocodile is a chain of restaurants in Belgium and France. The issue The Colmar restaurants offer an all-in buffet system. In order to increase the turnover per customer and per table, the sale of aperitifs is one of the main focuses. Before using dgenious, it was complicated to collect data per waiter […]

Class’croute – Online and offline orders unification

Unify online and offline orders in real time Classcroute, a chain of 135 restaurants, has a mainly professional clientele. Customers come to one of the chain’s restaurants or order via the chain’s website to be delivered to their office. The issue Before dgenious, it was impossible for the managers to know hour by hour, day […]

Bison ERP – Reduce unpaid invoices

Reduce unpaid invoices and the impact of out-of-stocks to increase your profitability Our customer is a wine making and distribution company with €20mio turnover, selling mainly to the hospitality industry. They use the Bison ERP to manage their financial and stock situation. The issue They are facing the toxic combination of: – low margins, – […]

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